Saturday, June 18, 2011

Evolution of the Nursery

The Before Shot


...and More Cleaning!


...and More Taping!


...and More Painting!

Taking a Break With the Furbaby!

The Evolution of a stencil!

Aaron Gets to Play With Sharp Tools

Applying the Stencil

Voila! It's Finished!

24 Weeks down, 16 to go!
And Another Furbaby!


Lynne said...

The room will look great when it's all put together! Can't wait to see the design your mother-in-law(?) is going to do. And the furniture!

Thanks for the belly shot - you look adorable!

Michelle said...

Congrats!!! I read your mom's blog, and decided to come and see if you had updated yours. I am very happy for you and your family!

Mandy said...

Thanks, Michelle and Lynne! We have it all set up with furniture and everything now, so I will get some more pictures posted. We also have a 26 week ultrasound coming up this week, so I will post those pictures as well.

Lynne, we decided to go with the stenciling instead of having Aaron's mom do a mural. We were originally going to do monkeys with a mural, but our choice of bedding changed our minds.

The hamper is all set up and looks perfect, by the way! Aaron's mom bought us the entire rest of the nursery set when she was out here last week. Now all we need is the baby- but not too early!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Congratulations! I have been reading your mom's blog since before you got married. Since she hasn't posted in so long, I was poking around at her blog and found my way here. The nursery is adorable.

I'll bet your mom is sewing up a few burp clothes, fleece blankets and sock monkeys to add to that room!

Judy said...

I didn't know you were posting! So glad to see pictures of you and the baby! You and the room look great.

Bev said...

I had no idea you were still blogging. The nursery is adorable and you guys should be proud of doing it all by yourselves! xoox