Saturday, July 26, 2008

Speaking of Change...

Do you remember my first post ever when I explained the name of my blog? If not, then you can read it here. If so, then you remember the lyrics that inspired the name of my first blog:

"In a moment, everything can change..."

Well, these words couldn't ring any truer! So many things have changed since my "old blog" days, I thought I would take a minute and catch everyone up. (disclaimer: if you read my mom's blog, A Chelsea Morning, feel free to skip this post- I'm sure you're pretty well caught up already!) Even though all these changes happened over the course of two years, they still feel like they happened "In a moment's time..."

My Age
(Duh!) Okay, that was a silly one. Let's move on...

My Marital Status
Yup- I went through with it. On June 23, 2007 I said "I do" and Aaron went from being my wonderful fiance to being my wonderful husband.

So, I went from being engaged, to being married. As if that wasn't a big enough change! I had no idea how many changes start happening once you sign the marriage license!

For one, my name! (Of course, when you hear your last name a million times a day, "Mrs. V!" Mrs. V!" , you get used to it pretty quickly! I also had to change my driver's license, my social security card, my bank account information, my magazine subscriptions, my blogger information...wait...I kind of didn't get around to that one, did I? Anyway, you get the picture. It felt like I was taking on a whole new identity! But, it was the best change I ever made, and I love my new identity as Aaron's wife, so it's all good!!

My Address (Twice!)

Not long after the honeymoon, my new hubby and I packed up everything we owned and moved across the state so he could pursue a Master's Degree. We moved into the married housing right off campus. And with that BIG change came a million little ones - again. My bank account information, voter registration, magaz...okay, okay, you get the picture. The biggest change for both of us was being 5 hours away from the family we were used to being 5 minutes away from. (I still haven't gotten used to that one, by the way!)

We stayed in that apartment for a year, and then we moved again- at my pleading- into a cute little condo an hour south of where we were. This put me closer to my job (within 5 minutes!!) and - as I like to think of it- an hour closer to our family. In a year we'll do it all again, to move back to where it all began. I don't even want to think about how big that move will be! But, we're settled and happy for now, so it's all good!

My Job
Before I got married, I taught third graders at a cute little elementary school in Southwestern Colorado. Now I teach fifth graders at a K-8 school in Northeastern Colorado. So, my school district changed, my school changed, my kids, parents, and co-workers changed. You want to know what the biggest change was? The surprisingly enourmous leap from third grade to fifth grade! It is unbelievable how much kids change between the ages of 8 and 10! Especially the girls! You don't even want to know about some of the notes I confiscated! Goodness gracious! But, fifth graders, over all, are a hoot, and I love the adventures they provide for me every day, so it's all good!

My Car
I know, people get new cars every day, right? Whereas I love my new car, I don't love how I got it. It all started on a Monday morning in November- the first day back to school after Thanksgiving Break. I was just driving along minding my own business, when out of nowhere a little blue car (and its oblivious teen driver) pulled right out in front of me! I knew I couldn't stop in time, so I did the only other thing I could think of in a split second. I slammed on the brakes and cranked the wheel HARD to the right. The good news is that going right allowed me to barely clip the front of him and avoid oncoming traffic. The bad news is that going right took me right off the road. WAY of the road. To be more specific, through-a-ditch-through-a-fence-into-a-tree-in-someone's-yard off the road. Okay, so I am probably making it sound way more dramatic thatn it really was, but it sure felt dramatic when it happened! The Lord was with me that day, though, because despite my car being completely totaled, I didn't even suffer a sore muscle, scratch, or bruise! So, here I am, unharmed!

And two months, a hellacious insurance company battle, and one attorney later, I have a beautiful new silver Jeep Grand Cherokee that I adore. (I call her Belle, as in Silver Belle). So, it's all good! Now, if I could only get up the courage to drive again.... I'm kidding!

By the way, it's worth mentioning that my husband got a new car, too. This is his new beauty. (I call her Hailey, as in Hail Damage - another story for another day). He got his a much more pleasant way- by selling his truck and using the money to buy a car. Great concept, don't you think?

So, there you have it- my life update in a nutshell. A very long and wordy nutshell, I know, but I did the best I could. I am sure there are more changes I will think of (don't even get me started on how different the weather is on this side of Colorado!), but for now I think you're all caught up!
I just hope something interesting happens soon, so I have something to write about!


Bev said...

I already knew most of it but that didnt make it any less fun to catch up again. I hadnt seen apt, car, etc. photos. I wish the whole family had blogs so we could keep in better touch. Although if Uncle Dwain had one all we'd see would be his dogs and boats, but you know what I mean. xoox

August said...

Thanks for adding a comment to my blog... I just read your paragraph on "what 5th graders know" haha! I taught 4th grade last year, and they knew a lot then too! haha! And I agree with you on the part you wrote about the girls! I actually enjoyed working with the boys a little bit more then with the girls. At least boys don't do the eye rolling... ha! Anyways thank you for your kind words! I really am looking forward to meeting the teachers and students at my new school! :o) Hope you have a great year!

Barb said...

The remark August made about the eye rolling cracked me up since you've already told me about that. LOL

And I haven't told you about Uncle Dwain's visit yesterday but trust me, Aunt Bev is right about the dogs and the boats, as in more than one big boat, as in three big boats. And two big pit bulls. Seriously.

So I don't think you have anything to worry about - in this crazy family, amazing and shocking things seem to happen all the time. I don't think you'll be lacking blog fodder.

It's so much fun to have you back in Bloggityville!

Love you,

PS - How about if I just go ahead and ship the baby gift you ordered. You can make payments. Of course, I'm going to have to run a credit check on you before I ship anything. :-)

40 said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! :)

I don't have much in common with you... from Texas, teach high school history, and such. But, I also have a very happy marriage. And I remember those great early days for us, too!

Believe me, you will look back years from now and smile, smile, smile. And laugh a lot. Norma and I started by moving from PA to TX - what a change. And we blazed our own way. A wonderful way.

Good luck to you in your new school!

Dawn said...

It was fun to hear all of this from your side - after hearing your mom's and your hubby's.

I taught 4th grade a century ago, and they were country kids, so pretty nice. But by the time Kristen was in 4th grade, that was a really not-so-nice-to-each-other age! Then 5th grade became the "big kids" of the school and it wasn't so nice at all.

I always regretted that I didn't keep the fun things the kids said - I sent them all in letters to my then boyfriend - I'm sure he didn't treasure them as I would have!

Keep it coming!

Judith said...

Mandy, So glad you're back. It is obvious God isn't ready for you to leave planet earth yet, so what are your plans....I know, I know, move back home, and make a red headed baby. Watch out for those fast young drivers. They show up so unexpectedly. Lots of times I pull over and let them have the whole road. Gary taught driver's training, and he says it is better for them to be in front of you, than sneaking up behind where you can't see what they're doing.

About this overly collecting things, it may run in the family. While reading about Dwain and his boats and dogs, I looked at what's here at my desk, and counted eight writing pens and seventeen books. One never knows when some of them may be needed, but eight and seventeen??? Welcome back to this crazy world called family.

Krissy said...

Well, I knew all this already because we email each other every day but at least I can let everyone know how excited I am that you are moving back here next summer!

Lynne said...

I've been following your story on your Mom's blog. Now I'll hear your side of things too!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Hi Im a regular reader of your moms blog
what a beautiful bride you were and how pretty your wedding was

hows Aaron getting on with his Masters thats quite an achievement
I have my bachelors in teaching early childhood

I think your mom is really looking forward to when Aaron finishes

teaching is so rewarding isnt it
I home schooler my eldest son
He has learning disabilities

been praying for you
at your Moms request

look forward to getting to know you better


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Hey, Mandy! Welcome back to blogging! I was a frequent commenter on your first blog, and I was glad to see the link on your Mom's blog to your new blog home. :o)

As I told Krissy, real life comes before blogging. No pressure, just post when you have time or have something to share.

Happy blogging! :o)

Love and hugs,


Linds said...

Hi Mandy - I am here from your Mum's blog too, and I feel as though I know you already! It is great you and Krissy are back blogging again.
And by the way, as the mother of 3 red-headed children, I can promise you that life is never dull with red-heads around!